Friday, December 23, 2005


If this is Mike's last every Bodypump and the class ends with Il Divo then this is going to be one very special class indeed. I can't express my thoughts at this time as it is just begining to sink in. The whole reason why Bodypump is so popular is because Michael put so much time and effort into this and his other sucessful program RPM which he created and choreographed until recently. Bodypump to me is Michael J McSweeney and his vision of Bodypump and the music that he has selected from PowerPump 1 to the PUMP series and then eventually to what we know as Bodypump today.
The music for this release is awesome, if only time was on our side we may never get to see what Michael would have choreographed in future releases. Maybe we will have no more E-Type, Jackie O etc... but what Michael has given is an awesome set of choreography and music for the everyone to exercise to.
I will sadly miss the work of Michael J McSweeney it has been a pleasure being here for that and also to experience the world of Bodypump by the one and only Michael J McSweeney AKA PumpFrog and Mr Bodypump.
Kia ora

This is from the Bristish site:

A strong focus on the core is the central theme for the new class and underlines its key role as the body's powerhouse and main source of strength and stability in BODYPUMP.

Participants will also benefit from our extra advice to instructors on the increasing importance of platework in the programme and on the best way to mix and match tracks from previous classes.

The new release warms up with the uplifting Come To Me from Tina Cousins - now is the time to check your posture and technique for the specialist tracks to come.

Then we hit the leg muscles for a big calorie burn-up and heart rate raiser. Infernal's From Paris to Berlin is a great tune for inspiring the workout and freeing up those happy endorphins. Push It brings with it some challenging tempo changes in the chest track and you'll need all the recovery you can get in the back track - the four working phases are hard graft.

Great sounds from Cascada and Scissor Sisters help everyone nail the triceps and biceps before the Black Eyed Peas remind us what we're here for with Pump It!

Check out the double pulse in the lunges and the extra platework in the shoulder track before heading home with the Pussycat Dolls and an awesome stretch with Il Divo.

Bodypump 57 1/4 one February 2006

(Choreographed by Michael J McSweeney) Product Manager - Choreographer Bodypump 1 - 57.

Tracklist from Sizzler:

01. Come To Me - Tina Cousins
02. Paris to Berlin - Infernal
03. Push It -
04. - Cascada
05. - Scissor Sisters
06. Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
07. -
08. Rock Star - N.E.R.D
09. Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls
10. - Il Divo

© 2006 Les Mills International

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